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Web Development

Offering comprehensive web development services including design, development, and maintenance to provide ongoing support to keep your website updated and running smoothly.

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Responsive Design

Creating visually appealing and responsive websites tailored to your specific needs and goals. Making the overall look and feel of your website effectively represent your brand and message.

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Working closely to deliver a final product that exceeds expectations and regular updates on the progress of the project. Ensuring a clear plan for completion and keeping the project on schedule to meet deadlines.

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I ensure that the websites I create remain up-to-date and functioning smoothly by performing regular maintenance and updates. This involves troubleshooting issues, implementing improvements, and keeping the online experience seamless for users.

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Presenting training sessions to help clients become confident in managing their websites or content management systems (CMS). I simplify the process, making it easy to independently update and maintain your online presence.

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Providing hosting services to ensuring that your website is securely stored and accessible online. This means your website is reliably available to visitors, including domain registration for a memorable web address and serviced for maintenance.

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Mental Health

Black Therapist & Company

Empowering Black Therapist and Company, a distinguished mental health clinic, with a comprehensive online platform. I created a user-friendly website to seamlessly connect new and existing patients, as well as providers, with vital program details, resources, and direct communication channels. My focus on privacy safeguards and user accessibility ensured a secure and inclusive experience.

My Services:

  • Strategic Domain and Hosting: A personalized domain and reliable hosting to establish a strong online presence.
  • Tailored WordPress Design and Development: Used WordPress to create a visually engaging and functional website that aligns with the clinic's mission.
  • Distinctive Logo Design: I developed a unique logo that embodies the clinic's identity and values.
  • Efficient Email Configuration: Seamless email setup for efficient communication.
Result: A holistic digital solution that empowers the clinic to extend its support while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and user-friendliness.

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Black Therapist and Company webpage sections
Black Therapist and Company webpage sections


Eastburn Trucking & Logistics

Transforming Eastburn Trucking and Logistics' vision into a dynamic online presence. I created a landing page for their upcoming trucking enterprise, prioritizing mobile performance and effective communication of their core values and customer advantages.

My Services:

  • Strategic Website Design and Development: Crafting a visually appealing and functional landing page that resonates with the trucking industry.
  • Domain and Hosting Expertise: Establishing a strong online foundation with tailored domain and dependable hosting services.
  • Email Configuration: Streamlined email setup to enhance professional communication.
Result: A website that not only reflects their brand but also ensures optimal mobile experience and value-driven customer engagement.

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Eastburn Trucking and Logistics webpage sections
Eastburn Trucking and Logistics webpage sections


PTR Staffing

Elevating PTR Staffing's online presence through a contemporary website redesign. I revitalized their digital platform, combining modern design with their core commitment to bridging job seekers and employers. The new design features seamless access to the staffing agency for job seekers and comprehensive insights into specialized industries, fostering meaningful connections.

My Services:

  • Website Redesign: A transformational redesign using the Network Solutions CMS, blending design with functionality for a cohesive user experience.
  • Domain Name Transfership: Facilitating a smooth transition by transferring the domain name to align with the revitalized website.
  • Optimized Email Configuration: Enhancing communication efficiency through streamlined email configuration.
Result: A revitalized website that mirrors PTR Staffing's dedication to fostering connections, now presented with a modern flair and user-focused design.

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PTR Staffing webpage sections
PTR Staffing webpage sections


Squad on Site (S.O.S)

Showcasing my versatile skills through a personal initiative: an innovative Looking for Groups (LFG) platform designed to unite gamers with fellow players. I developed a concept for a simulated app that facilitates connections among gaming enthusiasts seeking multiplayer companionship. This visionary gaming social media network caters to young adults across various gaming platforms, including console, PC, and mobile games.

Key Elements:

  • Conceptual Innovation: Created a mock application to demonstrate the potential of a gaming-focused social platform.
  • Inclusive Community: Designed to foster connections among players seeking multiplayer experiences.
  • Cross-Platform Engagement: Encompassing console, PC, and mobile gaming to cater to diverse preferences.
Outcome: This project highlights my adaptability, creativity, and passion for creating digital spaces that brings people together.

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Squad on Site SOS webpage sections
Squad on Site SOS webpage sections


Beauty Royale

An expressive personal project: A faux website tailored for women of color embracing their 4c hair textures. This conceptual Natural Hair Salon offers a virtual oasis, blending the world of beauty and gaming. The website showcases an alluring salon concept, where visitors can envision a unique experience that combines hair treatments and styling with the enjoyment of playing video games.

Key Elements:

  • Empowerment for Women of Color: Celebrating diversity and self-expression through tailored hair care.
  • Innovative Salon Experience: Merging traditional beauty services with interactive gaming for a truly distinctive experience.
  • Conceptual Vision: This project reflects my capacity to conceptualize and design engaging digital spaces that cater to specific communities.
Outcome: A demonstration of my creativity, this personal project highlights my capability to capture diverse concepts into a new digital narrative.

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Beauty Royale webpage sections
Beauty Royale webpage sections


Kids Sew Genius Foundation

Uplifting the next generation, I collaborated with a non-profit youth mentorship program dedicated to equipping underprivileged youth with essential life skills, boosting their confidence, and nurturing resilience. My role involved a comprehensive redesign of their WordPress website, including dynamic elements such as an immersive photo gallery and easy-to-use embedded forms, all aimed at enhancing their online presence and engagement.

My Services:

  • Strategic Redesign: transformative overhaul of the website's design and functionality to resonate with their mission.
  • Interactive Features: Implementation of dynamic elements, including an immersive photo gallery and user-friendly embedded forms.
  • Homepage Revamp: A refreshed homepage to captivate visitors and communicate the organization's purpose effectively.
Result: A digitally empowered platform that not only reflects their commitment but also reflects their growth and inspiration to many.

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Kids Sew Genius Foundation webpage sections
Kids Sew Genius Foundation webpage sections
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